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Freelanly: A Better Way to Find New Translation Projects

27 July 2022

Time is a non-renewable resource. Its effective use is essential for any business, but in terms of freelancing it plays a crucial role, as various business tasks are to be performed by one person who has a lot of responsibilities. Principal business activities, marketing and promotions, personal brand development, searching for new clients, accounting and billing, networking and social media — none of these tasks are less important and none of them can be neglected.

At that, living in the age of information technologies and fast communications, we deal with giant volumes of information every day. We spend a lot of time splitting off the data that is important for us. The ability to deal with big volumes of information has already become one of the keys to success for every entrepreneur, and tools that help to optimize this work play an essential role in effective time management. In the market of translations and language services, communication technologies resume a dominant position as most transactions between customers and vendors happen online. Since long ago online presence has been remaining a critical factor for freelance language professionals because clients mainly use the Internet to find and collaborate with vendors.

For this purpose, customers use various channels: some clients use common search engines to find language professionals’ websites, and others prefer social media or ask their partners and colleagues for recommendations and references. However, many businesses and individuals choose professional portals and platforms to get in touch with freelancers. Such approach requires less time and effort as after publishing information about their needs for translations and language services, customers begin to receive offers from vendors.

No business can exist without clients. That is the reason why such web resources are popular places where freelance translators can find freelance translation jobs. However, is it that easy and convenient for freelancers to find projects on such resources? No need to say, that language professionals have to monitor dozens of websites in order not to miss any announcements. Moreover, they spend additional time reviewing all published projects to find those that correspond to their language skills, offered services and specialisation.

To get new projects, freelance translators and interpreters should do it daily, and it takes time. That is the reason, why some freelancers working in the field of translations and language services choose to focus on other ways to find new clients, such as content marketing or social media. Still, it is wrong to stop using professional portals at all, because such websites provide leads and valuable information about potential customers and their needs. Thus, these resources remain important components of freelance business development.

Freelanly is a tool designed to solve this problem. It collects data about new projects and language jobs from various resources and presents it all in one place. The aggregator uses state-of-art machine learning technologies to collect information about projects published on different platforms. Afterwards, all publications about new projects are reviewed by admins before sharing them with our community. Freelanly users can set up their profiles in a way that let them see only projects that correspond to their languages and requirements. They do not need to waste time viewing announcements about languages and types of work they have not selected. In addition, Freelanly allows setting up email notifications, so our users can be sure that they do not miss anything even if they do not have time to visit the Freelanly website. In an attempt to make it even more comfortable, our team made a step forward and reduced the registration form on the Freelanly website down to a few fields. Literally, it takes a couple of minutes to register a new user profile and take care of all required settings.

Today, the Freelanly team works hard to add more resources to let users receive information from more platforms and portals for language professionals. We also invite translation agencies and language services providers from all over the world to publish their projects on Freelanly.com. The feedback we receive from customers of translations and language services proves that clients find Freelanly a comfortable and effective tool for getting in touch with language professionals.

To be a freelancer means to be an entrepreneur. Value your time and spend it effectively!

Pavel Elin,

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