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  • What is Freelanly?

    Freelanly is not a job board, it is an aggregator of job posts for linguists.

    Every day 24/7 we search for new projects on dozens of resources, including social media. We select the best opportunities and share them on our website and in email notifications. Users get notifications about new projects based on their preferences in terms of language pairs and type of work. For example if you do only German to English translation you will not be notified about interpretation projects. With Freelanly there is no more need to do the searching yourself, because we do it for you and let you know about available projects and you decide whether you will apply or not.

  • Why should I buy subscription?

    Basic feature of Freelanly is free — you can always go to freelanly.com and check for available posts there. However only Premium plan users can see fresh posts, while Free plan users see posts of 3 and more days old. Premium users will be notified about new job posts found by Freelanly to their email the moment a job is listed on our feed. Premium Freelanly users will have access to exclusive posts available only on our platform. Premium users will be first to get access to posts from newly added sources and will have a chance to participate in special offers from our partners.

  • Will subscription pay itself?

    Yes, it definitely will! Freelanly subscription will pay itself in 1 of 3 ways:

    • You will get a project — monthly subscription price is so low that even a single project will pay even annual subscription, let alone 1 month subscription.
    • You will find a potential leads — during the subscription period you will definitely get 5–10 notifications about potential projects and contact details of the requestors. Even if you don’t get the project this time, you can save contact details and keep promoting your services to the right person.
    • You will save your time — we search through dozens of platforms and social media, where you most likely will search for projects too. So if we don’t find anything there it means there is nothing suitable for you and you don’t have to waste your time there.
  • Why should I prefer Freelanly to other services and job boards?

    Because we save you time! Freelanly is more than 20 platforms in 1. Instead of surfing numerous platforms and social media searching for projects, you can simply use Freelanly — we aggregate projects from most popular online services. When we find something — we will let you know about it so you can send your application, skipping the «Searching» stage.

  • I doubt I will get enough value for the price I pay.

    How much do you pay for a cup of coffee? $4,99-ish, right? This is the price of Freelanly monthly subscription.

    Now let’s assume you spend 30 minutes a day searching for new projects (this is considered to be a good practice). It is 2,5 hours per week or 10 hours per month. Freelanly will do the searching for you and save you this time. If there are available projects we will find it for you and you will simply target the right person.

  • What if I find a project and temporarily will not accept new projects from Freelanly?

    For such cases we provide a special feature of subscription suspension. If you find a project that will keep you busy for some time and you do not want to be disturbed by new notifications, you can always suspend the subscription for as long as you need.

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